Protecting Water Catchments from Diffuse Pollution - the Emerging Evidence

21 February 2012, Birmingham

This one day conference provided an opportunity to hear from leading organisations in the UK who promote water catchment management approaches, particularly upstream of water treatement works. The meeting concluded with a panel sessions involving leading policy makers.


The next price review - the need for evidence; Noel Wheatley, Director of Environmental Policy, Ofwat

National approaches

  • Policy perspectives; Chris Ryder, Head of Water Quality, Defra
  • The catchment approach - beyond the pilot phase; David Baxter, the Environment Agency
  • Catchment management in Wales - Glas Tyr; Ann Humble, Welsh Assembly Government
  • Sustainable land management for the protection of drinking water sources in Scotland; Peter Brown, Water Quality Regulation Manager, Scottish Water
  • The Agricultural Catchments Programme in Ireland; Ger Shortle, Teagasc 

Water companies and other stakeholders

  • SCaMP1 and 2; Kate Snow, United Utilities
  • South West Water - 'Upstream Thinking'; Martin Ross,. South West Water & WRT
  • Wessex Water -'Managing Water, Managing Land'; Luke De Vial, Wessex Water
  • Mitigating risks to drinking water quality; Jacky Atkinson, Drinking Water Inspectorate
  • Farming and water resource protection; Michael Payne, NFU
  • Paying for ecosystem services (PES) and the water Industry; Laurence Smith, SOAS & WRT 

Panel Debate

Evaluation and assessment framework - quantifying the benefits; Andrew Davey, WRc

All of these presentations and the panel debate notes can be downloaded.

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