AQC for the Microbiological Analysis of Drinking Water - Sound Science or Black Art?

31 January 2012, London

An AQC breach in chemical analysis is always taken to mean a failure. In microbiological analysis a similar breach triggers an investigation and it is up to the experience of the analyst to decide whether it is a justifiable non-conformance. The aim of this seminar is to look at current best practice and ask whether further guidance is needed on the interpretation of ‘probably out of control’ vs ‘definitely out of control’. It will also look at the AQC applied to standards and the need for consistency in auditing. The two structured breakout sessions will provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss specific areas of interest and come up with ideas for improvements.


  • Quality Control: Where are we and where do we go?; Dr David Sartory, Consultant at SWM Consulting
  • Review of current practices; Bob Stacey, Consultant
  • Microbiological AQC for the 21st Century; Richard Glindon, Sigma-Aldrich RTC UK
  • Initial Breakout Session
  • Second Breakout Session
  • Feedback from the breakout sessions
  • The UKAS approach to auditing quality control and ensuring consistency; Andrew Gawler from UKAS
  • Europe and beyond – the ISO approach to quality control; Sue Passmore, BSI
  • Is there a need for further guidance?; Keynote speaker Marcus Rink from the Drinking Water Inspectorate

All of these presentations and a summary of the feedback sessions can be downloaded.

Downloadable Files

Summary of breakout group and open forum
PDF iconPDF (480k)  

The UKAS approach to assessing quality control and ensuring consistency
Andrew Gawler, UKAS Technical Assessor
PDF iconPDF (116k)  

Quality Control - Review of the current practices
Bob Stacey, Jackson-Stacey Solutions
PDF iconPDF (185k)  

Analytical Quality Control: Where are we and where do we go?
David Sartory, SWM Consulting
PDF iconPDF (667k)  

Microbiological Analysis of Water Quality - Looking into the 21st century
Richard Glindon, Sigma-Aldrich
PDF iconPDF (580k)  

Europe and beyond - the ISO approach to QC
Sue Passmore, BSI
PDF iconPDF (87k)  

Microbiological Analysis Fit for Regulation?
Marcus Rink, Drinking Water Inspectorate
PDF iconPDF (199k)  

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