Liability of Water Chemists

The Water Science Forum and the RSC wish to thank Trevor Adams for the document, and also the College of Law and Allen & Overy for their input and support to Trevor whilst he worked on the project. It is also necessary to thank Tim White at the WSF for the initial concept of the document.

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Liability of Water Chemists - complete document
Complete document
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Liability of Water Chemists
Header page and acknowledgements
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A Range of Activities and a Range of Jurisdictions
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The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Liability
Criminal Liability; Civil Liability; Professional Indemnity Insurance
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Statutory Duties and Powers
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What Can You be Liable for and Why?
Negligence; Contractual Matters; Saying the Wrong Thing; Taking Other People's Property; Entering Premises or Going on to Land; Nuisance; Occupation of Premise; Health and Safety at Work
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Practical Problems
Being in Court; The Evidence; Taking Samples; Legal Proceedings; Drinking Water Supplies; Powers of Entry for Sampling and Other Purposes; Compiling Reports and Keeping Records; Intellectual Property; Vicarious Liability; Personal Liability of Directors and Managers
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Running a Business
Business Organisations; Establishing a Business
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Some Practical Examples
Access to Premises; Negligence Issues; Contractual Matters; Copyright; Corporate Problems; False Results or no Results
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