Water Purity - Myths and Challenges

14 May 2013

Kevin Prior, Chair of the RSC Water Science Forum, delivered a presentation to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, chaired by Andrew Miller MP, which provides a forum for parliamentarians to discuss topical issues in science with experts in the field. As one of three speakers, Kevin talked about the myths surrounding ‘water purity’ and the challenges associated with standards, testing and regulation.

An accompanying article on the topic was produced for publication as part of the Summer 2013 edition of the magazine Science in Parliament. In this article Kevin examines different perceptions of 'water purity', the European and global regulations that water is subject to and the sampling and testing that it undergoes.

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Water Purity - Myths and Challenges
An article on Water Purity - Myths and Challenges from the summer 2013 edition of Science in Parliament
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