2004 - 2012 Events

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Careers Event - A Celebration of Catalysis
London, September 2012
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Applied Catalyst Deactivation Symposium
23rd March 2011 - Billingham, UK
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Symposium - Challenges in Catalysis for Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals 3
London, October 2011
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Symposium - Applied Catalysis Deactivation
Billingham, March 2011
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Catalyst Preparation for the 21st Century
London, March 2010
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Visit to experimental stations at Diamond Light Source
Harwell, February 2010
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Challenges in Catalysis 2
London, November 2009
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Catalysis for a Sustainable Future
Glasgow, August 2009
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Best Practice for Operating Catalytic Processes
Redcar, November 2008
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Challenges in Catalysis 1
London, November 2007
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Successful Scale-up of Catalytic Processes
Stockton, October 2006
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Successful Catalyst Scale-up
Stockton, October 2006
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Catalysis in Alternative Media
Royston, October 2004
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