The Knox Medal

The deadline for nominations for the 2015 award is Friday 15 May 2015.

Announcement and Publicity of the Knox Medal
Calls for applications will be made via RSC newsletters, website, e-mail and appropriate Journals.

To honour individuals deserving special recognition of their innovation or influential work in the field of Separation Science.

Anyone, Industrial or Academic, who is working or has worked in the field of separation science.

Criteria of Award
Innovative, influential work in the area of separation science, e.g. recognised excellence in development, application, training and/or dissemination of information and results.

Nomination and Selection Process
Nomination for award is via an open nomination system from within the scientific community. A nominee must be proposed and seconded by separate individual, who must each produce a one-page justification for the award that meets the defined criteria.  Self-nominations, individual or for a person from ones own institution, will not be accepted.

Any nominations submitted for award will be decided upon, for their suitability, relevance and or merit, in line with the criteria of award, by the Separation Science Group committee at the May committee meeting. The decision of this group is final.

Frequency of the Award
The award will be infrequent, the timing of the award being governed by candidacy and opportunity to award at an appropriate meeting. 

The Award
The medal will be presented to the designated recipient at an appropriate Scientific meeting together with a Certificate of Award signed by the Chair of the Separation Science Group and Chair of the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Chair of RSC Separation Science Group, or his designated deputy, will present the award.

The recipient would, normally, be expected to give a presentation of their work.

Best Poster Award

This award is given annually at the ExTech meeting for the best Poster. The award consists of a Certificate plus a bursary to attend the following ExTech meeting.

Contact and Further Information

Dr John Langley CSci CChem FRSC
School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Southampton, SO17 1BJ
Tel: 023 8059 3320