RSC Representative in Cameroon

photo of Dr. Marie Goletti Nguemtchouin Mbouga
Dr. Marie Goletti Nguemtchouin Mbouga, RSC Representative in Cameroon
Marie Goletti Nguemtchouin Mbouga was born on the 5th July 1975 in the West Region of Cameroon. She was recruited as Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Applied chemistry in ENSAI, University of Ngaoundere-Cameroon in 2009, Marie Goletti defended her Ph.D thesis at ENSCM, University of Montpellier 2-France in 2012. This thesis obtained earned her the title of Doctor in Physico-Chemistry of Materials and Environmental Sciences and the same year she moved to the grade of Senior Lecturer. Since that, Dr. Marie Goletti continues her passionate scientific carrier by promoting the knowledge of chemistry by teaching and carrying out many researches which is her dream in way to contributed to an adequate alternative to the synthetics insecticides using local materials. In 2014, Dr. Marie Goletti Nguemtchouin Mbouga joined the RSC as Member.

Today, Marie Goletti encourages young people especially women and young girls in Africa to study chemistry. With the contribution of RSC and all the members, another dream could become real because the chemistry could be promoted both in the primary and secondary schools. Her life example teaches us to follow our dream, no matter how great.

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Dr Marie Goletti Nguemtchouin Mbouga
International Representative for Cameroon