Harrison-Meldola Prize 2009 Winner

2009 Harrison-Meldola Prize winner Petra Cameron
Petra Cameron
University of Bath

Awarded for her pioneering research on solar cells

About the winner

Dr Petra Cameron did her undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating in 2001 she moved to the University of Bath and did a PhD supervised by Prof. Laurie Peter. Her research focused on fundamental studies of dye sensitized solar cells (DSCs), she finished in late 2004.  

After her PhD, Petra Cameron spent two years as an Alexander Van Humboldt research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPIP) in Mainz, Germany. She was an independent researcher in the Material Science Group led by Prof. Wolfgang Knoll. Her research at the MPIP combined electrochemistry with surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy to investigate the electrochemical and optical properties of semiconductor nanoparticles at metallic electrodes with relevance to both solar cells and optical biosensing. 

In February 2007 she moved back to the University of Bath to take up a RCUK research fellowship. Since then she has been using optical waveguide spectroscopy to study the real-time interaction of small molecules and proteins with mesoporous oxide films, in particular she has been focusing on understanding the adsorption of ruthenium dyes on the surface of porous TiO2 of the type used in DSCs. 

Her other projects look at the synthesis of macroporous conducting electrode materials that are being used in algae containing bio-photovoltaic solar cells and investigate the electrochemical generation of peptide hydrogels as artificial extra-cellular matrices.        

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