Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2011 Winner

Dr. Craig Banks
Craig Banks
Manchester Metropolitan University

Award for his contributions to the understanding of carbon materials, in particular graphene and its application as an electrode material.

About the Winner

Craig is currently a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University and has published over 190 papers with an h-index of 32, inventor of 11 patents and recently co-authored the book Understanding Voltammetry (1st Edition Sept 2007; 2nd Edition Dec 2010). 

Craig has also spun out two companies from his research contributions and currently his research interests are diverse encompassing all aspects of electroanalysis and sonoelectroanalysis. 

Current research is directed towards the pursuit of studying the fundamental understanding and applications of nano-electrochemical systems such as graphene, carbon nanotube and nanoparticle derived sensors. 

Craig is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC),  committee member of the Electrochemical Technology Group of The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) and is also an advisory board member of Analytical Methods.

Prior to joining Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008, Craig was appointed lecturer at Nottingham Trent University (2006) before which undertook a Post Doctoral role with Prof Richard Compton at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University where he also completed his DPhil (2004).

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