Analytical chemistry

Analytical chemistry

You walk into a chemistry lab and pick up a bottle labelled magnesium oxide. You assume the label matches the identity of the powder inside, but how would you make sure? Welcome to the world of analytical chemistry. Analytical chemistry is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. Beginning with the classification of substances into elements, compounds and mixtures, we will be delving into analytical techniques ranging from chromatography to chemical tests to advanced instrumental techniques. Analytical chemistry brings together many aspects of the chemistry syllabus as the separation and identification of a compound requires an understanding of its unique chemistry. Much like detective work, analytical chemistry involves collecting and piecing together the evidence. ​

The course not only provides you with the core content that you need to teach, but also takes you through common student misconceptions, experimental techniques and interesting stimuli for discussion and developing each topic further.

After working through this module, you will be able to:

  • understand the core ideas in analytical chemistry
  • explain the progression and development of analytical chemistry through secondary education
  • identify common misconceptions in students' thinking and explore how these misconceptions can be addressed
  • access a wide variety of resources to help students learn about analytical chemistry in an engaging manner
  • recognise areas of overlap and develop links between analytical chemistry and other aspects of chemistry

Please ensure to review our Health and Safety guidance, with regards to all practical resources.

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