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A course designed to highlight the powerful possibilities of GC analysis with spectral detection. Tuning and tune reports will be explained, and instruction given in the use of tune reports as a powerful diagnostic tool. The functionality of the MS will be discussed in detail including principles of the quadrupole mass filter. Ion detection devices will be detailed, and the use of electron and chemical ionization sources will be investigated with applicability to practical situations. General interpretation strategies will also be considered to provide a well rounded fundamental knowledge.

Session 1 | Runtime - 90 min.
Introduction to GC-MS
What Can GC-MS Do for Us?
Carrier Gas Purity and Flow Control
Sample Introduction
Column Selection and Interfacing

Session 2 | Runtime - 112 min.
Ion Source Anatomy
Electron Ionization
Gas Phase Chemistry
Source Parameter Optimisation
Chemical Ionisation
Ion Source Problems
Obtaining Representative Spectra
Library Searching
Basic Interpretation

Session 3 | Runtime - 65 min.
Mass Analysers Introduction
Mass Analyser Definitions
Ion Traps
FT-MS Orbitraps

Session 4 | Runtime - 85 min.
Introduction to GC-MS/MS Data Interpretation
GC-MS/MS – Why?
Nature of GC-MS Data

Each video session is accompanied by supporting modules from CHROMacademy and we will use the animations within CHROMacademy to clearly illustrate the science and processes that are being discussed. All four sessions should be completed in order to gain the full training. The final assessment must be completed in order to gain your certificate of completion.

Course Delivery & Duration
• 4 video sessions each session is between 1-2 hours long
• Tutor supported with access to our chromatography experts
• Supporting training material
• Course assessment with certificate

Our CHROMacademy tutors will deliver four video training sessions which you can access on demand. They will provide online support and tutoring where necessary.


This course has been designed for anyone who is new to GC-MS or those wishing to understand more about the practicalities of GC-MS analysis.

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