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Dr Robert Clough BSc MRSC


Robert Clough has been a research fellow in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Plymouth since 2003 having also obtained his BSc and PhD at Plymouth. He is currently Chair of the Western region of the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Topic Group co-ordinator for the Atomic Spectrometry Updates annual reviews.  Robert’s research interests focus on elemental speciation, analytical method development and chemical metrology, applying this to difficult to measure analytes in challenging sample matrices. 

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Dr Hywel Evans


Dr E. Hywel Evans studied for his BSc in Chemistry with Applied Biology at the University of Plymouth where he graduated with first class honours in 1986, followed by a a PhD in Analytical Chemistry under the supervision of Prof Les Ebdon, which he gained in 1989. After this he went to work for Prof Joe Caruso as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Cincinnati in the USA where he worked on the development and application of novel plasma ion sources for mass spectrometry. He returned to Plymouth in 1992, and is now Head of the Centre for Chemical Sciences and Reader in Analytical Chemistry in the School of Earth Ocean and Environmental Sciences. Dr Evans’ research interests include elemental speciation at ultra-trace levels, applications and fundamental studies of atomic mass spectrometry and development of novel plasma sources for atomic and molecular mass spectrometry. He is the author or co-author of over 60 publications, 8 books, and numerous conference presentations. Dr Evans was awarded the Hilger Spectroscopy Prize in 1994 and the SAC Silver Medal in 2000, by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Tim Harrison

Elected Member

Since 2005 Tim Harrison, a former state secondary school chemistry teacher, has been the first Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow in the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol. He has been actively engaged with promoting this role in other organisations and in working with other School Teacher Fellows. He was awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Schools Education Award in 2005 and the University of Bristol's Engagement Award for the Faculty of Science in 2007. As a key member of the Bristol ChemLabS Outreach team he is jointly awarded the national ‘Big Tick Awards’ 2009, 2010 and 2011 for Education in the Community’. In March 2010, Tim was awarded one of the Royal Society's new prestigious 'Hauksbee Awards' to recognize the 'unsung heroes of science'). He also has a University of Bristol outreach award.  In May 2010, Tim has been appointed as the Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Director in addition to being the Science Communicator in Residence

Tim was on the Educational Panel for the Cheltenham Festivals and the RSC Committee for Schools and Colleges. He is currently an Associate Editor for Chemistry Review magazine, a member of the RSC's Western Region of the Analytical Division and is the Education Officer for the Bristol and District Region of the RSC. In December 2011 Tim was the guest editor for a contemporary science edition of School Science Review –the teachers’ journal of the Association of Science Education (UK). Tim is the University of Bristol invited representative of the AZSTT College of Primary Teachers. Tim co-authored the practical chemistry support software package Chemistry LabSkills that was presented to all UK schools and teacher training institutions through sponsorship by Pfizer and the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is currently engaged with an HEA award writing Dynamic Laboratory Techniques Manuals for students transitioning between Post 16 Biology and Physics and corresponding first year undergraduate courses.

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