Analytical Methods Committee

The Analytical Methods Committee (AMC) is the Committee of the Analytical Division (AD) that handles matters of technical importance to the Analytical Science Community. Made up of expert Sub-Committees and designated representatives,  the broad aim of the AMC is to participate in national and international efforts to establish a comprehensive framework for appropriate quality in chemical measurement, and to keep the analytical science community informed of developments.  The AMC acts as an advisory body for the development, revision and promulgation of validated, standardised and official methods of analysis. We work alongside with numerous accreditation services and governing bodies, such as DEFRA, the FSA and UKAS, to ensure best analytical practice.


The AMC is also heavily involved in national and international efforts to establish a comprehensive framework to achieve appropriate quality in chemical measurement. To do this, we assist in the development and establishment of suitable performance criteria for methods and instruments; advise on the use and development of appropriate statistical methods and are deeply involved in identification and promulgation of best analytical practice, including aspects relating to sampling, equipment, instrumentation and materials.


To ensure high standards throughout analytical science, we also aim to keep the analytical science community informed of developments. The AMC produces Reports and regular Technical Briefs (TBs) on a wide range of analytical topics, published in the RSC journal Analytical Methods. We are also proud to support the overall AD aim of supporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with our TBs which can be used towards CPD certification.

Downloadable Files

Stanley Greenfield 1920 – 2019
An Appreciation
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Ray Esdale 1948 – 2018
An Appreciation
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Ernest James Newman 1932 - 2013
An Appreciation
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Ralston Andrew Lawrie 1924-2007
An Appreciation
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Leslie Stuart Theobald 1898 – 1979
An Appreciation
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