AMC Output

The output of the AMC is provided as a service by the Analytical Division of the RSC. All output of the AMC is subjected to a thorough process of scrutiny before approval for publication, first by an expert Sub-committee and then by the full AMC. 

Recently both the type of product and the outlets for them have diversified. Full Reports produced by the AMC are now published in Accreditation and Quality Assurance and, after a period, reproduced on this website. The website also hosts certain reports from other sources. Shorter (single-sheet) pieces on specialist topics appear in AMC Technical Briefs, AMC Background Papers, and AMC Recommendations, are also distributed gratis to members of the Analytical Division. When newer statistical procedures, not featured in readily available packages, are recommended by the AMC, software for implementing the procedures will become available in AMC Software.

In certain areas AMC findings are taken into the international forum. For instance, over the last ten years, papers published by the Statistical Methods sub-committee have been developed into the International Harmonised Protocols (a series sponsored by IUPAC, ISO and AOAC) on Proficiency Testing, Internal Quality Control and the Use of Recovery Data. 

Procedure for handling unsolicited submissions for AMC

Technical Briefs, Recommendations, Background Papers, Software or Technical Reports

Procedures for Submission and Approval of AMC Reports

Technical Briefs, Recommendations, Background Papers, and Software