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AMC Statistical Software

Minitab macro

AMC Excel Add-ins

AMC Software now includes Add-ins for MS Excel

A Minitab local macro to calculate robust mean and standard deviation

This macro calculates Huber's 'H15' estimators for robust mean and standard deviation

MS EXCEL Add-in for Robust Statistics

Written for Excel 97 and later

Software for calculating kernel densities

Written for Excel 97 and later

Linear Functional Relationship Estimation by Maximum Likelihood

This Excel Add-in was developed in support of AMC technical brief number 10

Minitab 14 macro for 'Goldmine'

A game to demonstrate the selection of optimum uncertainties for sampling and analysis.

Minitab macros for estimating normal mixture models

Further information: AMC Technical Brief No. 22


A stand-alone program, running in Microsoft ™ Excel, to execute robust and classical analysis of variance with nested data. Suitable for both balanced and unbalanced designs.