MS EXCEL Add-in for Robust Statistics

Written for Excel 97 and later. The add-in is available as a zipped file (compressed for fast download). All the installation instructions are in the Robust Statistics Read Me file, as well as in the full help system. 
RobStat.xla includes all the functions described in two AMC papers [1, 2]:   

  • Median Absolute Deviation (MAD)
  • The derived MADe estimate of standard deviation
  • SMAD (which returns the mean absolute deviation if MAD=0
  • the A15 estimate of the mean
  • the H15 estimates of mean and standard deviation
  • Robust Reproducibility calculation [2]     

The add-in includes most of the different functions in two forms:

  • Menu-driven functions for Summary Robust Statistics and for robust Reproducibility/ANOVA, providing all the above via an excel menu
  • Spreadsheet-callable implementations of all the above except the reproducibility/ANOVA calculation     
Zipped file

Includes all the necessary files but requires pkunzip, winzip or similar software to decompress it:



1. Analytical Methods Committee, Analyst, 1989, 114, 1489. 

2. Analytical Methods Committee, Analyst, 1989, 114, 1693. 

Downloadable Files

Robust Statistics
The complete, compressed set of files for the robust stats add-in including Readme and Help
Related file iconZIP (301k)  

PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader