Dr Mark Symes MRSC
Chair 2019 - 2022
University of Glasgow

Dr Sarah Horswell MRSC
Secretary 2019 - 2022
University of Birmingham

Dr Andrew Hector FRSC
Treasurer 2019 - 2022
University of Southampton

Ordinary Members

Dr Ronan Baron MRSC
Industrial Representative 2015 - 2018
Alphasense Ltd

Dr Michelle Browne MRSC
Academic Representative 2018 - 2021

Dr Petra Cameron MRSC
Academic Representative 2017 - 2020
University of Bath

Dr Steve Fryatt
Industry Representative 2017 - 2020
Alvatek Ltd

Dr Yvonne Grunder
Chair of the Award Committee
University of Liverpool

Professor Upul Wijayantha FRSC
Loughborough University

Dr Andrew Osborne CChem MRSC
Academic Representative 2015 - 2018
Metrohm UK Ltd

Dr Mark Buckingham

Co-opted Members

Dr Guy Denuault MRSC
UK Representative for the ISE
University of Southampton

Dr Ritu Kataky CChem FRSC
Electroanalytical Sensor Systems Group Representative
University of Durham

Dr Carlos Ponce De Leon
Newsletter Editor
Co-opted from the SCI Electrochemical Technology Group committee