Geoffrey Barker Medal - Further Information

The Geoffrey Barker medal is currently awarded on a roughly biennial basis by the Royal Society of Chemistry Electrochemistry Group to an electrochemist working in the UK or Ireland in recognition of their contributions to any field of electrochemistry. These contributions should be recognized internationally, and should strengthen the standing of UK and Irish electrochemistry.

The medal itself is made from sterling silver. It was first awarded in 1988, but initially the schedule of awards was less regular than at present.

The winner of the Geoffrey Barker medal will be invited to give a plenary lecture (at which they will be presented with their medal) at the annual Electrochem meeting, normally held in the UK or Ireland in September. All the winner’s travel, accommodation and registration fees for Electrochem are covered as part of the award.

Past Winners

  • 2018 - F. Marken
  • 2016 - R. Nichols
  • 2014 - P. Bruce
  • 2012 – F. Armstrong
  • 2010 – P. Unwin
  • 2007 – A. Kornyshev
  • 2003 – P. N. Bartlett
  • 2001 – D. E. Williams
  • 2000 – D. J. Schiffrin
  • 1997 – A. M. Bond
  • 1994 – R. Compton
  • 1991 – L. M. Peter
  • 1988 – W. J. Albery 

Nominations and Submissions

Nominations for the Geoffrey Barker Medal normally open in October/November of the year before the award is made.

Suggestions for nominations are invited from all group members via the group Newsletter and other publicising channels. Nominations should be made to the Electrochemistry Group committee Secretary.

Each nomination must include the following documents.

  • A CV for the nominated candidate of no more than two A4 pages (single-line spacing, Arial 11pt or equivalent), including the ten most significant research papers in the context of the nomination (plus a brief justification), and a list of previously won awards and medals, if applicable.
  • A statement of no more than two A4 page (single-line spacing, Arial 11pts. or equivalent) describing the most significant contributions of the nominee and their originality and novelty, in comparison with the state of the field at the time.
  • Please note that self-nominations are not permitted. Please also note that the nominator must be a member of the RSC.
  • No nominations will be considered from nominees working outside the UK or Ireland.
  • Current members of the Electrochemistry Group committee may not act as nominators for this award.
  • Current members of the Electrochemistry Group committee are not eligible for this award. Similarly, anyone who has been a member of the electrochemistry group committee during the two years prior to the consideration of the award is also ineligible.

The committee reserves the right to reject any submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines above.

Selection Process

The selection process is carried out by a sub-committee of Electrochemistry Group committee members. This sub-committee consists of the chair, secretary, treasurer and two other members of the Electrochemistry Group committee.

The winner of the award is normally announced in late February.

Contact and Further Information

Dr Mark Symes MRSC
Secretary 2017 - 2020
University of Glasgow
Tel: +44 141 330 4416