Take 1…minute for Chemistry in Health Videos

Undergraduates, PhD students, post docs and early career researchers were challenged to communicate the importance of chemistry in human health in less than one minute. 

We were looking for engaging and creative videos that would highlight the role of chemistry to the public. 

At the Royal Society of Chemistry, we are committed to ensuring that the chemical sciences contribute to their full potential to tackling the major global challenges of today and tomorrow. You can find out more on our global challenges programme using the link at the bottom of this page. 

Nanoparticles - as Drug Delivery Couriers (2015 Winner)

Matthew Coleman - University College Dublin

Fat Cell Rap (2nd Place)

Frances Vaughan - University of Aberdeen

A Brush with Chemistry (3rd Place)

Timothy Revell - University of Strathclyde

Antibiotics, The War on Bacteria

Thomas Fleming - University of Oxford

Cool Antifreezes: Chemistry in Health

Alaina Emmanuel - University of Warwick

The Impact of Chemistry on Oncology

Craig Fraser - University of Edinburgh

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