The Becquerel Medal Award

The Becquerel Medal was first awarded in 1996 to mark the centenary of the discovery of Radioactivity.  It is awarded to a scientist who over a significant period of time has made an outstanding contribution in research and or teaching in Radiochemistry. 

The recipient of the award is invited to present the Becquerel Lecture at the Radiochemistry AGM, which is also combined with a scientific meeting.  The award is presented biennially. 

Previous winners were:

  • 2018  Ken Nash
  • 2016 Melissa Denecke
  • 2014  Jon Dilworth
  • 2012 Gus McKenzie
  • 2010 Helmut Maecke
  • 2008 Syed Qaim
  • 2006 John Jones
  • 2004 Phil Horwitz
  • 2002 Peter Warwick
  • 2000 Greg Choppin
  • 1998 Gerhard Stoecklin
  • 1996 Alfred Maddock