Young Researchers' Fund

The Radiochemistry Group is pleased to announce the availability of funds to promote radiochemistry by encouraging students to discuss and disseminate their work during their radiochemistry training period. 

Examples of financial assistance the RCG will normally consider are payments or part payments for attendance and travel to conferences, symposia, workshops etc. Applicants are strongly encouraged to be Radiochemistry Group members. 


  • Applications are particularly encouraged for Radiochemistry Group endorsed meetings and we prefer applications to be in electronic format. 
  • Successful UK based applicants will be strongly encouraged to present their work at the biennial Radiochemistry Group Young Researchers Meeting. 
  • An indicative value for typical awards is up to a maximum of £500. 
  • It is expected that around 4 bursaries will be awarded per annum. 
  • The applicant will normally be expected to be a member of the Radiochemistry Group. 
  • If successful the applicant must acknowledge the RCG Young Researchers Fund as a sponsor of their presentation. 
  • Deadlines for applications will be May 1st, September 1st and December 1st, for consideration at the following month’s committee meeting. 
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered. 
  • Decisions will normally be communicated to applicants within 2 months of the deadline dates.       
  • A maximum of 2 applications from a single institution (e.g. a University) can be submitted per year.
  • Successful applicants must submit a report and photograph of the event they have attended.

Case for Support

The case for support should be no more than 500 words and should include details of the work to be presented, and its relevance to the mission statement of the Radiochemistry Group. 

Applications should be made on the standard form, those that are more than 500 words will not be considered. All applications should be sent to the Secretary and Chair.

Downloadable Files

Young Researchers' Fund Application Form
Download the Application Form
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Contact and Further Information

Dr Nick Evans CSci CChem MRSC
Nottingham Trent University

Dr Sarah Wallace MRSC