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RSC Surface Coatings Group

The Surface Coatings Interest Group is one of the Royal Society of Chemistry's many Interest Groups.  The Interest Groups are member driven groups which exist to benefit RSC members, and the wider chemical science community, in line with the RSC's strategy and charter.

Coatings have been part of our lives since man first painted his cave walls.  These humble beginnings have evolved into diverse and exciting technologies incorporating paints, inks, adhesives, elastomers and sealants.  The range of applications is forever expanding to include protective coatings on space craft to children’s face paints. 

The surface coatings industry is unique in the range of areas of chemistry:

  • polymer
  • nanotechnology
  • material science
  • rheology
  • corrosion
  • colour science
  • colloid
  • photochemistry
  • adhesion
  • surface science
  • graphene

This special interest group provides a network for members at any stage in their career with an interest in chemistry and natural sciences applied to surface coatings.  The members participate in many different aspects of the industry, from basic research and raw materials development through to formulation and applications research.  The group is well represented by people with roles in general management, sales and technical services, consultancy, training and recruitment, regulations and testing.

Aims and Objectives

  • To reach a broad community representing the diversity of the sector from across academia and industry.
  • To provide a professional development network across the various career stages within the sector (including mentoring, recruitment support, career enhancement and development);  connect with and support early-career stage members to build and enhance their professional networks.
  • To support the sustainability of the future industry by inspiring the next generation of chemists through engagement with younger people at the appropriate stage of their career and also with teachers.
  • To stimulate ideas and innovative thinking, benefitting from the breadth of science represented within the Group by sharing knowledge across the natural science disciplines and associated technologies.     


  • Opportunities for networking and learning via UK regional industry meetings and events
  • Links with other related Interest Groups     

Join this Interest Group

If you are a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and would like to join an Interest Group, please contact Membership Department using the email link below with:

  • your name
  • your membership number
  • state the name of ‘Surface Coatings Interest Group’ if you wish to join    
Free membership of 3 Interest Groups is now included in the cost of RSC membership

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2018 Annual Report
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