Picture of Professor Tony Shing

Professor Tony Shing

Chair of Hong Kong Section

Professor Tony K. M. Shing is a synthetic organic chemist and is organic chemistry professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.   Professor Shing obtained his first degree from the University of Hong Kong in 1976.  He received his M.Sc. degree in Analytical Chemistry (with a Mark of Distinction) in 1978 from Imperial College and Ph.D. degree in Carbohydrate Chemistry in 1981 from Birkbeck College, University of London.  He was a post-doctoral research fellow at McGill University and at Oxford University before taking up a New Blood Lectureship at the University of Manchester in 1984.  Professor Shing obtained his tenure as Lecturer in Chemistry at the same university in 1987.  He was a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of California, Irvine before returning to Hong Kong in 1990.  He joined the Department of Chemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Lecturer, was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1993, and to Professor in 1996. 

Applying his training in basic carbohydrate research to organic synthesis, Professor Shing has developed novel strategies and methods for the enantiospecific synthesis of biologically important molecules (natural and unnatural) from readily available sugars and terpenes.  The main target molecules are glycosidase inhibitors for anti-diabetic treatment or anti-tumour and anti-viral agents for chemotherapy.  He is also interested in oxidation chemistry in which the work on ruthenium catalysed "flash" dihydroxylation of alkenes is particularly noteworthy.

Professor Shing has received a number of lectureships and prestigious awards including the Doctor of Science degree in Organic Synthesis from the University of London in 2002 and the Asian Core Programme Lectureship Award in 2006.  He is a Croucher Senior Research Fellow (2008-2009) and a member of the International Advisory Panel (IAP) in the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK.