Bioinorganic Chemistry Award 2009 winner

Winner of the 2009 Bioinorganic Chemistry Award Chris Orvig
Chris Orvig
University of British Columbia, Canada

Awarded for his wide-ranging contributions to our understanding of the behaviours of metal complexes in biological systems and for the development of new therapeutic agents.

Professor Orvig delivered lectures at a number of locations throughout the UK during October 2009 in association with his Bioinorganic Chemistry Award.

About the winner

Chris Orvig was born and raised in Montréal.  He received his Hons. BSc. in chemistry from McGill University in 1976 and subsequently completed his doctorate (as a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - NSERC - of Canada scholar) in technetium chemistry at M.I.T. with Prof Alan Davison, FRS.  

After an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship with Prof Kenneth N Raymond at the University of California, Berkeley (1981-83) and one year with the late Prof Colin J L Lock at McMaster University, he joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of British Columbia in 1984, where he is now Professor of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Director of the Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Group, as well as graduate advisor.  

His scientific interests are firmly based in the areas of medicinal inorganic chemistry and coordination chemistry - he has been involved over the years with radiopharmaceutical chemistry, metal ion decorporation, and metal ion neurotoxicology, as well as chemotherapeutic metal complexes and ligands.  

Orvig chairs the editorial board of Dalton Transactions, has received various research and teaching awards, has published more than 175 research papers, and is a co-inventor on many issued patents; he is also a certified ski instructor.

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