Robert Boyle Prize for Analytical Science 2014 Winner

Professor Eric Bakker
Professor Eric Bakker
University of Geneva

For his pioneering work on redefining and re shaping the field of ionophore based sensors and the development of chemical based sensors and optical sensing strategies for both environmental and bioanalytical application.

About the Winner

Eric Bakker was educated in Switzerland and earned a Ph.D. in 1993 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich before moving to the University of Michigan for a postdoctoral stay. His independent career started at Auburn University in the U.S., where he rose to the rank of full professor after just 8 years. 

After serving as a professor at Purdue University (West Lafayette), he assumed the directorship of the Nanochemistry Research Institute at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, before moving back to Switzerland in 2010 as the Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Geneva where he currently also serves as the Director of the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. 

During his career he reinvigorated the field of ion-selective electrodes and other types of chemical sensor and membrane concepts using selective ionophores. Innovations were driven by an improved theoretical understanding, by new polymer and materials chemistry, new readout concepts and, as a direct result of these efforts, new possibilities for practical applications. 

He has published some 230 papers, which have been globally cited nearly 12,000 times. A number of his former students have since started independent academic careers in Europe, the U.S. and in Asia. 

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