Distinguished Service Award 2010 Winner

Barry Starr
Barry Starr
Fragrance Oils Ltd

For providing his expert knowledge and active participation in collaborative laboratory work for over twenty years  in the area of Essential Oils for the Analytical Division's Analytical Methods Committee.

About the Winner

My first employment was as a laboratory technician in the science laboratories of a local grammar school.

In 1974, I obtained a position at the University of Salford as research technician in the department of Pure and Applied Chemistry. I spent four valuable years at Salford becoming skilled in various analytical techniques.

In 1978 I joined Fragrance Oils (Int) Ltd. (my current employer) to run their analytical facility. Fragrance Oils specialise in Fragrance formulation including the use of Essential Oils. It was here that I developed my on-going interest in Essential oils and their analysis.

During the 1980's, I was introduced to the work of the Essential Oils sub-committee at the RSC. I became very interested in this work and translated a lot of my classical methods of essential oils analysis to instrumental methods. A colleague suggested that I put myself forward to serve with the sub-committee. This I was very keen to do and attended my first sub-committee meeting on 15th November 1988. To this day I continue to enjoy participating in the work of the sub-committee with the full support of my employer.

As the analytical facility at Fragrance Oils grew to department status, I became Analytical Manager, and in 1998 I was invited to join the board of Fragrance Oils as Analytical Services Director with responsibility for all Analytical and Quality Control facilities.

In August 2001, I was very proud to be admitted as a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry having been an associate member for several years.