Education Award 2012 Winner

Professor Uri Zoller
Professor Uri Zoller
University of Haifa

For his work over many years in researching the enhancement of chemistry undergraduates' higher order cognitive skills.

About the Winner

D.Sc. Organic Chemistry, Haifa, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, 1974; Ed.D. Science Education, Harvard University, 1973; S.M. Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972; M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, Technion, Haifa, 1963; B.Sc. Chemistry (Summa Cum Laude), Technion, Haifa, 1962.

1974 - 1975 The Open University, Israel: Science & Technology, Senior Lecturer.
1974 - 1978; 1979-1991 Haifa University - Oranim: Science Education, Lecturer; Senior Lecturer.
1992 - 1996 Haifa University - Oranim: Chemistry and Science Education, Associate Professor.
1996 - 2003 Haifa University - Oranim: Science Education and Chemistry, Full Professor.
2004 - date Haifa University - Oranim Chemistry and Science Education, Research Prof. Emeritus.

Chemical Science Education: Chemistry teaching  and learning Science, technology and environment in the social context; teaching, learning and assessment of higher-order cognitive skills (HOCS). Science education for sustainability in the Science-Technology-Environment-Society (STES) interface context.  Environmental Chemistry: Detergents/surfactants, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals and policyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface and groundwater: Occurrence, homologic/isomeric distribution and ecotoxicology; surfactants-enhanced bioremediation of NAPL-contaminated aquifers and sediments. Organic Chemistry: Synthesis and chemistry of strained, small rings containing sulfur and organosulfur chemistry.

Visiting Professorships : King's College, School of Education, UK; New York University, School of Education, USA; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Natural & Social Sciences, Interface (UNS), Zurich, Switzerland; Australian National University, Department of Chemistry, Australia; University of Karlsruhe, Enater-Bunte Institute, Germany; University of Bremen, Germany: University of Bordeaux, LPTC: Environmental and Toxicological Chemistry, France; University of British Columbia, Departments of Chemistry and Science Education, Canada; Georgia Institute of Technology, US.

Presentations- An invited Plenary/Keynote Speaker in numerous International Conferences, Symposia and Workshops, worldwide, mainly in Science, Chemical and Environmental Education. International Collaboration in Research: In Science Education- with researchers from US, Germany, Greece, Italy and UK; Environmental Chemistry- with the US, Germany, France and Italy; and Organic chemistry- with the US and Germany. 

Over 220 publications and 9 books.

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