Education Award 2016 Winner

Dr Georgios Tsaparlis
Dr Georgios Tsaparlis
University of Ioannina


Awarded for his extensive contributions to chemistry education research over many years including having been the founding editor of the journal Chemistry Education Research and Practice, now the top ranked journal in chemical education

About the Winner

Dr Georgios Tsaparlis is Professor Emeritus of Science Education in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Ioannina, Greece. After graduating in chemistry at the University of Athens, he undertook postgraduate studies (supported by a Greek state scholarship) at the University of East Anglia, England, where he completed his MSc and PhD in chemical physics/theoretical chemistry, working with Professor S F A Kettle.

Georgios took up the post of teaching assistant at the University of Ioannina in 1978 and was appointed as a lecturer in the section of physical chemistry in 1982. He was subsequently promoted to assistant professor (1985), associate professor (1998) and full professor (2009). In 1990 he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Glasgow, Centre of Science Education, under Professor Alex H Johnstone, and in 1997 he spent a short period as counsellor for chemistry at the Greek Pedagogic Institute. He retired in September 2015, after 38 years of service.  

Georgios has taught a wide variety of physical chemistry courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels and has contributed to many science and chemistry education courses. He has focused his research towards improving science and chemistry education through research and practice and has studied structural concepts (with an emphasis on quantum chemistry), the effects of cognitive factors on problem solving, higher-order cognitive skills, the application of non-linear methodologies in education, and many other educational issues, including chemistry curricula.   Currently (April 2016), he is the author/co-author of 58 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals, the author of chapters in 13 books, co-editor of "Concepts of Matter in Science Education" (Springer), and guest co-editor of the "Chemistry Education Research and Practice" issue on physical chemistry education. In addition, he has published extensively in his native language, Greek. 

Dr Tsaparlis was the founding editor (2000-2004) and, from 2005 until 2011, joint editor of the journal "Chemistry Education Research and Practice". He is married to Gioula and has a son (Jason) and a daughter (Vasiliki). He lives in the town of Ioannina, Greece.

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