Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2012 Winner

Dr Marina Kuimova
Dr Marina Kuimova
Imperial College London

For her pioneering studies in the spectroscopy and imaging of biological materials, as exemplified by her development and application of fluorescent molecular rotomers to measure cellular viscosity. 

About the Winner

Marina Kuimova graduated from Moscow State University in 2001 with MSc in Physical Chemistry. Upon graduation she won an Overseas Research Student award and began studying for PhD at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Professor Mike W. George, to investigate photochemical mechanisms behind light induced DNA damage. 

In 2005 Marina joined the group of Professor David Phillips at Imperial College London working on applications of ultrafast spectroscopy and imaging, specifically on spectroscopic investigations and cellular imaging of dyes for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), a promising non-invasive type of cancer treatment, with the emphasis on two-photon non linear applications.
In 2007 Marina won an EPSRC Life Science Interface Fellowship and continued the studies of the biological environment and photodynamic therapy using advanced imaging and spectroscopic techniques. She started the work on using novel fluorescent probes called molecular rotors to map intracellular viscosity by confocal or fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), which is the main focus of her group's research today. 

Currently Marina is the EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow in the Chemistry Department at Imperial College London.  Her research interests focus on elucidation of biologically relevant processes using different types of fluorescence imaging and time-resolved spectroscopy. 

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