Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2013 Winner

Dr Aron Walsh
Dr Aron Walsh
University of Bath

For contributions to the development and application of computational chemistry for the study of functional materials, in particular to the design of novel compounds for solar energy conversion.

About the winner

Aron Walsh is Royal Society University Research Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, where he runs the Materials Design Group.

Aron gained his BA.mod and PhD in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Graeme Watson. He completed his postdoctoral research for the US Department of Energy at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and later moved to University College London as a Marie Curie Research Fellow working with Richard Catlow. 

He joined the University of Bath in 2011, where he was subsequently awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant.

The Walsh group focus on the development and optimisation of functional materials using the tools of computational chemistry. Current activities include improving the performance of earth abundant materials for photovoltaics, the theory of electron energies in the solid-state, and the nano-architecture of semiconducting metal-organic frameworks.

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