Inspiration & Industry Award 2016 Winner

Gayle Pook and Joy Parvin from CIEC
Gayle Pook and Joy Parvin from CIEC
Centre for Industry Education Collaboration


In the last 20 years, the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC) has worked with 48,000 children and 10,000 teachers from 1,550 schools, brokered 1000 site visits to 125 companies, trained 500 industry staff to communicate effectively with these children, and with a further 5,000 children who have received ambassadors in their classrooms.

Team description

The CIEC is a team of educational professionals, with classroom experience coupled with expertise in making strong effective links between the school curriculum and science industries. With staff in Teesside, Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire, and a core team at the University of York, we offer companies across England programmes and activities tailored to meet each company's needs. One company might wish to participate in Children Challenging Industry, another may want staff training on effective communication with children, whilst a third may ask for on online resource from which children learn about the company's products, processes, and careers.

About the company

Since 1988, CIEC has been brokering partnerships between industry and schools, with a strong emphasis on enhancing the teaching and learning of science in schools, and how this science is relevant in industry. The centre employs nine staff and a number of consultants across the north, midlands and south east.