Materials for Industry - Derek Birchall Award 2013 Winner

Professor John W Goodby
Professor John W Goodby
University of York

For his wide-ranging work on the application of liquid crystals and other forms of soft matter in fields from display materials and construction, stealth coatings and adhesives to materials for medical gel dosimetry and spinal cages.

About the Winner

John Goodby studied for his doctorate in Liquid Crystals at the University of Hull under the guidance of Professor George Gray CBE, FRS before moving to AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he became Supervisor of the Liquid Crystal Materials Group. 

After nearly ten years in the USA, he moved back to the UK to become the Thorn EMI-STC Reader in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Hull. After two years he became Head of the Liquid Crystals and Advanced Organic Materials Group, and subsequently Head of the School of Chemistry. 

Currently he is Chair of Materials Chemistry at the University of York. His research is focused on the control of structure formation in materials through directed self-organization and self-assembly and the application of nanophase segregation; the development of materials for liquid crystal displays; polymers and dendrimers for photonics and metamaterials; and gels and biopolymers for use in biomedical applications. 

John Goodby is an Honored Member and Past President of the International Liquid Crystal Society, he has received numerous awards for his research on soft-materials, and in 2011 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

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