Perkin Prize for Organic Chemistry 2011 Winner

Davies 120
Stephen Davies
University of Oxford

Awarded for fundamental contributions that his research has made to the areas of stereocontrol in organometallic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis and total synthesis over 15 years.

About the Winner

Professor Davies received his BA in 1973 from New College, University of Oxford and DPhil (supervised by Dr Gordon Whitham) in 1975, also at the University of Oxford. 

He subsequently held an ICI Postdoctoral Fellowship (1975-1977 with Prof. Malcolm Green) and a NATO Fellowship (1977-1978 with Prof Sir Derek Barton) before joining the CNRS at Gif-sur-Yvette collaborating with Dr Hugh Felkin. He returned to Oxford in 1980 to a University Lectureship and then Professorship, as well as a Fellowship of New College. 

He has since published nearly 500 research papers, and has been the recipient of a variety of awards for his contribution to organic synthesis, including the Hickinbottom Fellowship (1984), the Pfizer Award for Chemistry (1985, 1988), the Royal Society of Chemistry Award for Organometallic Chemistry (1987), the Royal Society of Chemistry Bader Award (1989), the Tilden Lecture Award (1996) , the Royal Society of Chemistry Award in Stereochemistry (1997), and the Prize Lectureship of the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan (1998). 

Professor Davies is also a member of the Executive Editorial Board forTetrahedron publications, and Founder and Editor in Chief for Tetrahedron: Asymmetry.  

His entrepreneurial activities led to Oxford Asymmetry Limited in 1992, Oxford Diversity in 1995, Oxford Asymmetry plc in 1998, Summit plc (formerly Vastox plc) 2004, Oxray in 2006, and Oxstem Limited is expected to be launched in 2011. 

He was elected "Technopreneur of the year" by A*Star Exploit Technologies, Singapore in 2008.

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