Ronald Belcher Award 2010 Winner

Soren Denim
Soren Denim
University of Cambridge

For his working the area of bioelectrochemistry and specifically for his use of the catalytic effect of an enzyme to improve charge transfer rates.

About the winner

Soren Demin studied for his M.Phil and PhD degrees at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology under the supervision of Professor E.A.H Hall in the Analytical Biotechnology group. His PhD thesis entitled Breaking the barrier to fast electrochemistry, is a look at the deeply buried redox site of Glucose Oxidase in situ via direct fast electrochemistry . 

This research is aimed at helping understanding of how biology can be interfaced with electronic components and is applicable in areas of bio sensing, photovoltaics and organic computing. 

He has been previously award the Future Leaders in Biotechnology prize, and is a multiple Cambridge blue. Currently he works on technical due diligence for tier 1 investment banks and hedge funds in Biotechnology and pharma.