Ronald Belcher Award 2017 Winner

Mr Matthew Wallace
Mr Matthew Wallace
University of Liverpool


Awarded for development of novel NMR methods for characterisation of gel fibres in NMR invisible soft materials



About the Winner

Matthew Wallace obtained his MChem from the University of Liverpool in 2013. During his undergraduate research projects, he developed an interest in devising and applying novel NMR methods to characterize the pore structure of gels. He was particularly successful in this and was twice shortlisted for the national SET awards. Matthew has also won numerous awards at institutional level, including the top graduating student in Chemistry and the award for the best 3rd Year PhD seminar.

Matthew has continued his interest in developing new analytical methodologies to study self-assembled hydrogels during his PhD under the supervision of Professor Dave Adams and Dr Jonathan Iggo. In particular, his work has focused on the development of novel Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques to probe these delicate materials in a totally non-invasive manner. Matthew's methods are finding application outside Liverpool and he has assisted other research groups both in the UK and abroad in applying his methods in their research.

Ever keen to discuss his work with others and gain new insights and ideas, Matthew has presented his work at numerous conferences, both in the UK and abroad. Matthew is also actively involved with the promotion and demonstration of NMR spectroscopy to undergraduate students. He also provides practical assistance and guidance to other researchers from across the Department of Chemistry regarding NMR and is always happy to try out new ideas.  

To date, he is the primary author of four peer-reviewed scientific papers and has contributed his expertise to a further four publications. The work is funded 50:50 by the EPSRC and Unilever.

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