Schools Education Award 2017 Winner

Dr Kristy Turner
Dr Kristy Turner
University of Manchester and Bolton School


Awarded in recognition of the wide impact on students and teachers of her work incorporating education research into practice and through mentoring and professional development of teachers 

About the Winner

Kristy has been teaching chemistry in state and independent secondary schools in the NW of England for 11 years and has most recently combined this with teaching at the University of Manchester.  She is an inspirational chemistry teacher and mentor and a unique bridge between the communities in secondary and higher education. Her impact on chemistry education is evidenced through her own practice and the many personal connections she makes with individual pupils and educators. She is also an enabler, giving others the confidence to engage in activities drawn from best principles of education research.

Kristy is incredibly active in the chemistry education community, through the RSC and beyond. Her first involvement in wider collaboration was when she was a trainee teacher in 2006 with the Chemistry for Our Future initiative. Since then she has been an RSC school teacher fellow, a regular contributor and now member of the editorial board of Education in Chemistry, a subject specialist mentor for the RSC scholarship initial teacher training programme and a member of the Curriculum and Assessment Working Group and the author of the hugely popular RSC resource Starters for Ten. Kristy recognises the value of networks in keeping teachers happy and engaged and loves getting teachers together for informal Teachmeet CPD events, sharing best practice and camaraderie over pizza.  Her work has brought new audiences to engage with dialogue on the issues surrounding chemistry and science education including trainee teachers and experienced (and perhaps battle worn) experienced old hands.