Spiers Memorial Award 2016 Winner

Professor Avelino Corma
Professor Avelino Corma
Instituto de Tecnología Química UPV-CSIC


Awarded for the introduction of new concepts for the synthesis of microporous and mesoporous inorganic materials and their application in heterogeneous catalysis which have resulted in extensive range of industrial applications.

About the Winner

Avelino Corma is research professor and founder of the Instituto de Tecnología Química (CSIC-Polytechnical University of Valencia) in 1990, where he was the scientific Director until 2010. 

Bachelor of chemistry from Valencia University, PhD in Chemistry at Universidad Complutense de Madrid,  and two years postdoc at Queen´s University in Canada. 

He has been carrying out research in heterogeneous catalysis in academia and in collaboration with companies for nearly 30 years. He has worked on fundamental aspects of acid-base and redox catalysis with the aim of understanding the nature of the active sites, and reaction mechanisms.

He has introduced new concepts on the synthesis of zeolites that allow to prepare monolayered zeolites, extralarge pore and multipore zeolites and metal containing zeolites that have lead to unique catalytic properties. Combining molecular modelling, spectroscopic characterization synthesis techniques and reactivity studies has achieved selective catalyst based on metal nanoparticles and clusters for previously undone heterogeneous catalytic reactions. With these bases he has developed solid catalysts that are being used commercially in several industrial process within the fields of oil refining, chemicals and fine chemicals. The catalysts and process developed are helping to improve the sustainability of a large number of chemical process.

He is member of the Royal Academies of Science and Engineering of Spain, a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering of USA, Foreign Member of the Royal Society, and Foreign Member of the French Academy of Sciences. He is a fellow of the RSC. 

He has published more than 900 papers and is inventor of more of 150 patents. He has received many scientific awards from the Spanish, American, French and British Chemical Societies, The catalysis Societies and the International Zeolite Association. He has received industrial Awards such as the Alwin Mittasch of Dechema, ENI, and the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Prize for Science (now Solvay Prize). He has received 12 honorary doctorates from different countries in Europe and Canada. 

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