Cool Chemistry Conference

13 June 2007

The University of Leicester Chemistry department hosted a 'Cool Chemistry Conference', organised by SciTec and sponsored by 'Chemistry: The Next Generation', a Royal Society of Chemistry led initiative which aims to ensure a strong and sustainable educational chemical science in the UK.

The event was attended by over 320 year 9 students from local schools. Similar events are also being run throughout the East Midlands to promote the excitement of chemical sciences to students who would not typically continue on to higher education.

During the day students saw exciting shows such as 'Cosmic Chemistry' and 'The Bubble Show', participated in workshops involving liquid nitrogen and take part in lots of fun chemistry based activities including Sport by Design, Animal Attractions and Chemical Chaos! 

A guaranteed favourite with the students is the chocolate fountain, part of the 'Test Your Taste Buds' activity in which students discover the science behind taste and smell.

With such an action packed day of chemistry the students leave with a new insight into the chemistry that is all around them in everyday life.

Schools in the East Midlands region interested in participating in similar events should contact Liz Blackshaw.

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