On the trail of chemical bonds

Professor Paul Popelier is a computational and theoretical chemist at the University of Manchester. In this week’s pick, he speaks to us about how his research in this area will help chemical scientists design more useful molecules and materials.

Unfolding clues to combat disease

ChemSci Pick of the Week – A new method could provide insight into protein misfolding diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Surprising new behaviour in gels

ChemSci Pick of the Week – "Imagine putting a brick next to a stone and finding that the brick was moving into the stone, and vice versa" – Professor David Smith describes his latest research into gels.

A greener source of fuel

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Scientists in the UK have made great strides towards an environmentally-friendly way of generating hydrogen – a zero-emission fuel.

Radical bond relationships show rare promise

ChemSci Pick of the Week – There are 118 elements in the periodic table, each with their own unique properties, and each with their own chemistry. For many years chemical scientists have worked to identify each element, along with their unique characteristics and behaviour.

Accelerating analysis for designer drugs

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Scientists in Italy have developed a method of testing for new ‘designer’ drugs, with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

What do Lego® bricks and crystal structures have in common?

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Just as you can build many different structures from a pile of identical Lego® bricks, molecules can pack together in many different ways to form different crystal structures, producing compounds with vastly differing properties.

A closer look at molecular bonding

ChemSci Pick of the Week – If you’re not a hardened organometallic chemist, today’s Pick of the Week may seem a little impenetrable at first glance. To bring this promising research to a slightly wider audience, we’ve thrown in a handy diagram and a detailed explanation of what’s going on, so do not be deterred!

Ultrathin palladium nanosheets for better batteries

ChemSci Pick of the Week – An international team of researchers have developed a method for synthesising extraordinarily thin sheets of palladium, as catalysts for faster chemical reactions.

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