Chasing cations

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Scientists have studied transient, hard-to-capture reaction intermediates, using an enhanced form of NMR spectroscopy.

Tracking cancer biomarkers

ChemSci Pick of the Week – A new study represents a step forward in the development of technology for diagnosing cancer.

Using cerium to combat global warming

ChemSci Pick of the Week – A new catalyst could capture and transform carbon dioxide – creating useful chemicals from a greenhouse gas.

Beating the coffee ring effect

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Scientists in Germany have come up with an ingenious way to make water droplets dry evenly – avoiding the unwelcome ‘coffee-ring effect’, and paving the way for better and cheaper ways of making fuel cells and electronic devices.

Breakthroughs in graphene synthesis

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Scientists in Brazil have made the largest chemically synthesised graphene sheet ever reported.

Mining genomes to find new antibiotics

ChemSci Pick of the Week – The massive amount of data that is now available on the genomes of a huge number of organisms could be mined to design new antibiotics – to combat the rising problem of antimicrobial resistance.

Chemical sensor holds key to finding pollutants

ChemSci Pick of the Week – A simple, inexpensive molecule can be used as a luminescent sensor, which goes dark in the presence of specific metal ions. This could lead to significant improvements in the way we detect pollutants.

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