Three-day conference on future energy attracts eminent names

07 September 2007

Next week (12-14 September) a three-day Royal Society of Chemistry conference on energy solutions at the University of Nottingham will feature the views of some of Britain's foremost specialists in vital areas such as energy materials, carbon capture/storage and sustainable sources.

Future Energy: Chemical Solutions will include a presentation by the chief scientist of BP, Steve Koonin, who will talk about technologies for secure and sustainable energy. 

Sir Richard Friend FRS of the University of Cambridge will discuss the role of photovoltaic devices and the University of Oxford's Professor Peter Edwards will explore future energy materials.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has been deeply involved for the past few years in sustainable energy and in the fight against climate change, and this year ran a series of workshops with the involvement of eminent scientists and engineers, from which a controversial report is expected to be published later this year.

Dr Mercedes Maroto-Valer, of the University of Nottingham, who has worked with the RSC on the conference and is co-chair of the conference, said today: "There is no greater challenge to the future of the world and its inhabitants than climate change and energy, which are inextricably linked, and it's vital that our own energies are engaged in addressing the issue at every level. 

"We are delighted by the widespread interest shown by leading names who have agreed to speak about their own areas of work next week. And we are very excited by the prospect of interactions between the scientists and specialists from many other professions who are coming to the university for this event."

Professor Dave Garner, of the University of Nottingham, who is President-Elect of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said today: "The production and use of energy in ways that do not harm the environment is a significant challenge that must be addressed as a matter of urgency, if we are to continue the present path of the development of life on Earth. 

"Given the prediction that the world's demand for energy will grow by some 60% in the next 25 years, many new approaches will be necessary. This challenge presents many opportunities for scientific and commercial development, as new technologies will have to be invented, developed and applied. Scientists, in general, and chemists, in particular, are engaged in a variety of relevant research programmes. 

"This high-level conference involves presentations on the latest advances in a wide range of strategically important topics - for example, from new materials for solar cells to carbon capture and from nuclear technology to hydrogen storage - by experts based in both academia and industry, amply demonstrating, however our future energy needs are satisfied, chemistry will be integral to the solution."

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Future Energy: Chemical Solutions

12 - 14 September 2007, Nottingham, United Kingdom

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