Non-EU scientists to be offered work permits to work in Europe

30 October 2007

A letter from Royal Society of Chemistry was published in The Independent on Saturday 27 October 2007:

Sir: The suggestion that non-EU scientists be offered "blue card" work permits to work in Europe should trigger warning lights. Where there are skills gaps in the EU, and the UK, they should be filled by products of a system that invests in science at schools and universities.

By importing promising talent we merely delay the long-term solution here. And we are depriving their countries of the bright young skill essential for their own national economic and social development. And when we have honed those skills, many will return to their own countries, which are often international competitors. Far better to supply the resources and energy to the EU and the UK science base so we produce sufficient able graduates to meet the needs of established and emerging industries.

Professor Jim Feast, President, Royal Society of Chemistry
Professor Dave Garner, President-Elect, Royal Society of Chemistry
Dr Richard Pike, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry
London W1

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