Carbon fails to capture our children's attention

10 September 2008

In a letter appearing in today's Times, RSC Chief Executive Richard Pike lays out his concerns about the UK's lack of progress in carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

"There have to be bold, decisive actions at governmental and industrial level, rather than dithering, which has characterised the lack of progress in the UK," wrote Dr Pike.

"However, the majority of school leavers, despite their impressive qualifications this year, will have no understanding of the quantitative aspects of these complex issues, and will be unable to take part in informed debate over their future," he wrote.

"Too much posturing over carbon dioxide, and a lack of a grasp of numbers, is the reason for the UK dragging its heels in this, the most crucial and essential mission to save mankind."

To read Dr Pike's full letter, visit the Times Online website.

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