Electric shock to subsidy for dream cars

20 May 2009

The myth of the electric car is exploded by the Royal Society of Chemistry in a hard-hitting piece featured in the influential journal Research Fortnight, published today.

In it, the RSC chief executive, Dr Richard Pike, says: "...in the UK right now there is a woolly thinking, a lack of scientific scrutiny and, from 2011, a potential waste of 250 million of public money, to subsidise the purchase of over 50,000 vehicles."


Electric car


The article goes on to assert:

Carbon emissions advantage of the electric car in today's UK would be small.

50,000 electric cars would lower the total UK carbon footprint by less than 0.01%. 

250 million represents more than one-third of the annual budget of the science and engineering funding council at a time when research scientists involved in energy, climate change and sustainability are struggling for financial support.

The decision on the major step of providing the 250 million subsidy is based on limited practical information.

Reports on the performance of electric cars are confusing the public.

A sizable switch to electric cars might mean the end of tax-free electricity.


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