Richard Pike invited to write for top political comment magazine

24 April 2009

Dr Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the RSC, was invited to contribute to a leading political comment magazine, by setting out the role of the chemical sciences in tackling world issues such as energy, agriculture, and clean water provision.

Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society, Sir David King, past Chief Scientific Adviser, and Professor Sir Harry Kroto, past president of the RSC, have been invited to contribute to past issues of Public Service Review: Science and Technology

Dr Pike writes that to ensure a prosperous future for the world's population, an interdisciplinary approach is required not only between scientists, but also with those working in finance, engineering, and with the general public.

We must engage the wider public with chemistry by presenting science in new and imaginative ways, while providing inspirational and relevant education in schools, writes Dr Pike.

The article can be downloaded as a PDF, and will appear in Issue 3 of Public Service Review: Science and Technology.

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The right chemistry
Richard Pike sets out how chemical scientists must adapt to meet future challenges and engage with stakeholders
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