RSC call for political framework to counter climate change

04 March 2009

A call by the RSC for a political framework to achieve climate change goals made the national press today.

An edited version of the letter below by RSC chief executive Richard Pike was published in the Daily Telegraph.

This is the original pre-edit letter.

The Telegraph website is encountering problems therefore we cannot provide a link to the edited letter at the present time.

Letters Editor
The Daily Telegraph


With 1.3 trillion, equivalent to the UK annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP), being committed to address the banking issues of this country, it is worth noting that this is identical to the estimated cost of tackling climate change here over the next 100 years.

The Stern Report indicated that if just one per cent of GDP were invested wisely each year on projects and changes in the way we do things, the worst effects on our environment could be avoided. We would also have a sustainable energy base for the long-term future.

The decisiveness with which financial action has been taken globally is in stark contrast with the continuing lack of clarity over the way ahead on climate issues. Indeed, one has much current activity but uncertainty over final outcomes, while the other has a clear goal for 2050 but no overall plan for achieving it. 

The scientific support is enthusiastic, but we now need the political, regulatory and fiscal framework, coupled with greater urgency, to make things happen within an increasingly tight timescale.

Yours truly,

Dr Richard Pike
Chief Executive
Royal Society of Chemistry

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