RSC welcomes increase in number of chemistry A-levels

16 August 2012

Jim Iley, Executive Director of Science and Education at the Royal Society of Chemistry said today:

"We are absolutely delighted that the significant increase in chemistry student numbers that were seen last year has not only been maintained, but that there has been a further increase in both A-level and AS level students this year. It is particularly pleasing to see that over 2,500 more students have taken chemistry at AS level this year compared to last year."

The total number of students entered for chemistry A-level increased by 2.4 per cent from 48,802 last year to 49,234 this year, while the number of students entered for chemistry AS level increased by 3.1 percent from 79,874 last year to 82,390 this year.

Professor Iley also welcomed figures showing that the number of female students studying chemistry continues to improve. The majority of the increase in AS level student numbers is due to an almost 5 per cent increase in female chemistry AS level candidate numbers compared to last year.

Including Scottish students sitting Advanced Higher chemistry, more than 50,000 school students have sat and passed chemistry exams at the highest level this year.

Professor Iley added that the increased numbers are great news for the health of the chemical sciences, and reflects a growing realisation that the subject provides an excellent grounding for a wide range of future career and study options.

Results Table for Chemistry

A level20112012% change from 2011
Female/Male ratio47.3%/52.7%47.2%/52.8%--
AS level20112012% change from 2011
Female/Male ratio47.0%/53.0%47.9%/52.1%--

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