RSC reaction to today's 'return of the O-level' story

21 June 2012

The Royal Society of Chemistry believes that the proposed two-tier system with O-levels for some students and second rate exams for others would be very ill-advised.

The RSC's Director of Science and Education, Jim Iley, said of the reported reintroduction of O-levels: " It would be good to have one examination board. We, along with our SCORE colleagues, have been arguing this for some time.

"But a two-tier system at 16? This would be a backward step. Our education system up to 16 should be directed toward ensuring we have a scientifically literate society. What Mr Gove is offering is elitist and offers an impoverished view for the many to provide opportunity for the few. That can't be right.

"There is a very simple solution. Make GCSE's more stretching at the top end - that is, make it more difficult to get a grade A or A*."

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