Extra funding for science is good news but science ring-fence is still at risk

05 December 2013

The President of the Royal Society of Chemistry welcomed the Chancellor's continuing support for science in his Autumn Statement today, but cautioned against making any future cuts to the ring-fenced science budget.

Professor Lesley Yellowlees said: "Britain's world-leading science is central to driving growth and creating jobs, so we were very pleased to hear the Chancellor once again say that science is a personal priority.  

"The extra funding for science places at universities announced in today's statement, along with new investment in quantum technologies is very good news. 

"We were also very pleased to hear that there will be a Science and Innovation Strategy for the 2014 Autumn Statement, which is in line with the Royal Society of Chemistry's call for a long-term vision for science.

"But, with the news of further departmental cuts and the recent speculation that the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills will have to address a significant shortfall in their budget, we urge the Government to keep its promise to fully maintain the ring-fenced science budget. To keep Britain ahead in the global economic race, it's imperative that we maintain a strong science base." 

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