RSC responds to EPSRC consultation

12 July 2013

An independent review panel has today published 15 detailed recommendations on the way the EPSRC feeds advice from the engineering and physical sciences community into its strategic decision-making process. 

Professor Jim Iley, Executive Director of Science and Education at the Royal Society of Chemistry said: "We have played a constructive and supportive role throughout the EPSRC consultation and applaud the initiative taken in reviewing their internal processes. We recognise the challenge they face in terms of resourcing and echo the sentiments on financial support and timescales for consultation from BIS.

"Once the EPSRC working group publishes its full response we will comment further. In the meantime, we will make public the RSC's initial response, formulated in consultation with over thirty representatives from a cross-section of research areas and universities, including the RSC Division Councils and Heads of Chemistry UK."

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12 July 2013

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