Organometallic Award 2011 Winner

Marek 120
Ilan Marek
Israel Institute of Technology

Awarded for his development of organometallic methods for organic chemistry allowing an enantioselective synthesis of quaternary aldol products, the stereoselective synthesis of important organic molecules using Ti- or Zr-reagents or main-group organometallics.

About the Winner

Ilan Marek earned his Ph.D. degree with Professor Jean Normant at the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris in 1989 and carried out postdoctoral research with professor Leon Ghosez at the University of Louvain La Neuve, Belgium. 

In 1990, he joined the University Pierre and Marie Curie as CNRS researcher and relocated in 1997 at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry where he currently holds a full Professor position. Since 2005, he also holds the Sir Michael and Lady Sobell Academic Chair. 

His laboratory is focused on the design and development of new and efficient stereo- and enantioselective strategies for the synthesis of important complex molecular structures. He is particularly interested in developing carbon-carbon bond forming processes, which efficiently create multiple stereocenters. He has received a number of awards, including the First French Chemical Society-Acros Price for young Organic Chemist (1997), the Yigal Alon Fellowship (1998), the Michael Bruno Memorial Award, administrated by the Rotschild Foundation (2002); the Prize for Excellent Young Chemist from The Israel Chemical Society (2004), the Bessel Award of the Humboldt Foundation, Germany (2007), the Taub Award for academic excellence (2009).

He is on the editorial advisory boards of a number of journals, including Chemical Communications, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, The Chemical Records and Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis. He is also Associate Editor of Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, of the Israel Journal of Chemistry and of the Patai's series on The Chemistry of Functional groups. 

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